Geoff Johns Bringing New Things In 2017

2017 is already proving to be a bigger year in the realm of media than we previously expected. Shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day, Geoff Johns took to Twitter to let everyone know that he is teasing a new DC project coming to television announcement coming soon. Now, there have been some rumors about a Booster Gold possible TV project coming but that is not hard science.

Johns did elaborate on whether it will be part of the already four-night CW line-up or if it will come to another network as Lucifier is on Fox. We will have to just wait and see, so internet start placing your bets. Also, Johns mentioned that he will be coming back to comics. From the image on the tweet, it appears that it could be the DC and Watchman crossover that has been teased since last year’s soft reset.

It would seem that Johns will be pulling back a bit from the whole DC Studios development to get back to something he is great at – writing great comics. 2017 seems to be getting better.

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