Google Disables YouTube Early On Fire Devices

This is a topic that we have never shied away from: technology feuds. A few weeks ago, we discussed the concept of Google and Amazon’s feud, which was going to result in Fire TV users not having access to YouTube. The result of this would lead to a user revolt. As inexpensive as the Fire TV is, there are other devices that are just as cheap and have broader functionality than the Fire TV. Amazon wasn’t waiting until the first to start blocking YouTube.

Originally, Google claimed it would cut off YouTube access on January 1st. They were citing Amazon’s unwillingness to support Prime Video on Chromecast, or to sell its hardware on Amazon’s site. Unfortunately for users, Google cut off service four days before and now you will see workarounds to watch YouTube by downloading either Amazon’s Silk browser or Firefox.

This is a bad move for both Amazon and Google. Chromecast isn’t the best internet service out there. Not to mention that the Fire TV will lose one of the most watched apps on its service. What will people do without having access to YouTube? They will find other ways to access it. So many devices, outside of Amazon, can access the content. Whether it be through your Smart TV, blu-ray player, gaming console, Roku (which is cheap) or even if your splurge for an Apple TV. Doing this does not serve Amazon.

The last feud was between Apple and Amazon, which is a different beast. I had a Chromecast and was not impressed. I decided to move into an Apple TV for my bedroom and it was great. Yes, it was annoying not being able to get some Prime streaming content on my Apple TV. However, I just used my gaming console (Xbox One and PS4) to access it. Not once did I consider getting a Fire TV to supplement that urge.

Once more word that YouTube will not be available on Amazon Fire TV, sales will start to reflect it. Not to mention, they can receive that content virtually anywhere. While it will not affect Amazon for existing users, but it could hurt new users. It is possible that this may not be resolved anytime soon. In the meantime, get a Roku device. It’s better than a Fire TV device or splurge on an Apple TV. It’s better than Amazon’s device. See how this works out for them.