Google Play To Offer Audiobooks

When you think about Google Play, it is hard to think of things that it does not offer. It offers apps, movies, TV shows, music, books, comics and a lot more. It may come as a surprise, but it does not fully support audiobooks. That may come as a surprise to some of you, but it is true. However, with Amazon Prime, you get a selection of audiobooks. According to 9to5Google, that may be changing.

There is no official announcement about Google offering audiobook, but a banner randomly appeared on Friday. When you click on the banner it takes you nowhere. You get that pesky 404 error message. It is surprising that Google would release a banner that doesn’t work for more than a few hours. However, it could be used to develop hype. You’re welcome, Google.

Nevertheless, the link is promoting a 50% off the first audiobook purchase, which means that they are going to push the new section. Now, Google Play has offered some audiobooks but there was never a cultivated section of titles. It always felt like an afterthought with their selection.

With Amazon, iTunes, and Audible, Google Play seems a bit late to the game. It is not uncommon for people to visit their local torrent site to get audiobook titles. Google Play has tried to compete against iTunes, which always marketed their content better than anyone, especially Google.

However, if Google will make a push to show that they have the content, people should be gravitating toward it. As for right now, people use it to download the games and apps they want. Yet, they will go to other places for other providers like Vudu, Podcast Addict, Comixology, and Spotify to host content that Google Play can. They need to step up on their promotion.