Jaume Collet-Serra Moves To Disney From Suicide Squad 2

When the announcement of Warner Bros. Suicide Squad 2 came out earlier this year, David Ayer was presumed to be returning. Quickly, it was announced that he would be heading up an adaptation of Gotham Sirens and that Mel Gibson was being approached to direct. As I said back then, Mel Gibson will not direct […]

Daniel Craig Returning As James Bond

It seems that after some time between movies, Daniel Craig has changed his mind about being Bond again.


EA Considers Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay An ‘Opportunity’

It is not hard to believe that the delay of a game could help other game developers. Take EA for instance, they find the delay of Rockstar’s highly-anticipated western Red Dead Redemption 2 as “a bit of an opportunity” for them and other publishers. It is not hard to image that a delay in a […]

Xbox Live Games With Gold For August 2017

Xbox Live Games with Gold selections for August 2017 have been announced and there are some good ones available.


Amadeus Cho Heading To Planet Hulk

In Generations: Banner Hulk & the Totally Awesome Hulk one-shot will have Amadeus and Bruce Banner meet face-to-face. However, this fall, Amadeus will be transported to a place where Banner Hulk has some major victories and defeats: planet Sakaar. In October, writer Greg Pak and Greg Land will not only be bringing back the series […]

Comic Preview – Generations: Hulk (One-Shot)

Marvel releases a preview of the upcoming one-shot between Bruce Banner’s Hulk and Amadeus Cho’s Totally Awesome Hulk.

United Banned Comic From Checked Luggage

Through some sort of confusion, or someone not doing their job, it would seem San Diego Comic-Con attendees were banned from having comics in their checked baggage.

Wonder Woman Gets New Creative Team And Cover Preview

Wonder Woman gets a new creative team with issue #31.


Apple Being Sued Over Some Apple TV Features

Nearly two years ago, Apple announced a new feature that was introduced to their new Apple TV which was designed to stop those moment when you couldn’t catch a piece of dialogue because the background was so loud or someone would not stop asking questions about the movie. The “what did she say” option would […]

Adobe To Finally Kill Off Flash

With the rise of HTML 5 in mobile devices and the decline of PCs, it seemed that Flash’s days were numbered.

RIP: Windows Paint

After 32 years, it seems that Microsoft is officially pulling the plug on Windows Paint.

Report: Samsung to Announce Galaxy Note 8

Reuters is reporting that Samsung will announce a new device in the Galaxy Note line.

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