Instagram Test Split-Screen Live Stream

There isn’t really a time when Instagram (and by proxy Facebook) does not copy some feature that Snapchat creates. However, it seems that this time, Instagram has created something that could be useful to many people, including us here at The Lazy Geeks.

Instagram is teasing a new feature that will allow you to share a live broadcast with a friend in split-screen mode. Many people are probably unfamiliar with this feature since you haven’t seen it since those old Nintendo 64 days.

It seems pretty straight-forward. You go on live stream and tap the new two smiley face icon at the bottom right and select your friend. Everything else about the live Instagram videos works the same as it always has. You will still get those hearts, comments and save it to your story afterwards, according to Instagram.

Back in May, it seems that Facebook Live has rolled out this same feature. This would be a good feature if two people are at different locations and want to do a live stream. Since I am based in Los Angeles and Adam is based in Chandler, Az, this might be something we could try out.


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