The Internet on Justice League’s Extensive Reshoots

The internet is an interesting place. Much like a significant other, you begin to wonder just what the major take away of a story truly is. It seems that a story going around, based on a Variety post, claims that Warner Bros. is spending some serious cash on extensive reshoots for their upcoming film, Justice League. Unfortunately, the basis of the article seems to be focusing on the amount of reshoots that have since been completed but the take away (for many sites re-reporting it) is that they will be digitally removing Henry Cavill’s moustache.

Reshoots are a common thing in Hollywood but it seems that any word of reshoots on any property means it is in trouble. That is not always the case. To school people that do not know how reshoots work: a film completes its original principal photography. Once they get into the editing bay and put together a rough cut of the film, this is when they discover that a film needs extra scenes to explain certain material, removal of a scene and need to shoot extra to cover it or something does not work as they had hoped.

You would think that many of the sites that report on films know this. However, you cannot drive up ad revenue unless you say that Justice League, Rogue One, Suicide Squad or whatever is in trouble because they are in reshoots. These are all factored into the schedule of all actors and crew when the original deal is done. Now, Justice League seems to be different in that arena.

After Zack Snyder stepped down due to his personal issues, Joss Whedon had stepped in and claimed it was for dialogue revisions and some connectivity issues. Although the report claims they are spending $25 million on reshoots, which is not out of the realm of possibility. However, they are normally under that threshold.

The point of the piece is to cite that it is more than simply punching up dialogue. So much so that Cavill was slated to have completed filming of Mission Impossible 6 before doing reshoots. With the extensive amount of reshoots, Cavill is being shuttled between both productions to get more of the additional film done earlier. Since his character in Mission Impossible has a moustache, Paramount will not let him remove it since production is still commencing. Thus, the story about Whedon will remove it digitally.

Now if the sources that Variety is citing is to be believed, it does not seem unheard of nowadays that an extensive reshoot could happen. Rogue One is a prime example about an alternate ending, which did not diminish the success it had. However, it seems that many want Warner Bros. and their DC Universe to suffer and this “story” just feeds into it. Whether it’s true or not isn’t relevant. It’s what hits screens in November that counts.



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