Jes Macallan Joins DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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As production of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has begun productions, it seems that they signed on a new actress for a recurring role as the show enters its third season. Mistresses alumna Jes Macallan, according to Deadline, has been casts as Special Agent Ava Sharpe.

Deadline describers her as “a hard working agent for a secret branch of the Federal Government (the Time Bureau) dedicated to the regulation of time-travel and the protection of history. She is very smart and incredibly ambitious and always believes she is the smartest person in the room. She is often quite ruthless in obtaining her goals and her drive for perfection has left many discarded friendships (and relationships) in her wake.”

Now, it is not clear on whether she will be a baddie for the season or if she will join the cast on the Waverider for the season. However, given that it is a recurring role it may be more of the person that is chasing them this season. The show is slated to return for its third season in October.

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