Joss Whedon ‘Nears’ Deal to Write and Direct Batgirl

Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. is near a deal that would bring Joss Whedon into the DC fold. The site is reporting that Whedon is nearing a deal that would bring him onboard to write, direct and produce an untitled Batgirl picture for their building cinematic universe.

The story indicates that the untitled Batgirl movie may not have been on their slate but that the new project originated in the past month. No indication if maybe Warner Bros. approached him about lending his hand to DC (who Whedon said had a Wonder Woman idea in the past) and pitched Batgirl to them or vice versa.

With the exception of the horrible Batman & Robin film, Batgirl has not made her way to the cinematic universe or even the mention of her name, that being Barbara Gordon.

People tend to jump onboard that he is going to direct, even though the words “nearing a deal” are being used. In this day in age, when websites are pushing for clicks and will nearly say anything to get people to read their site, people should breath a sigh of relief when the announcement is made.

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