Just Another Podcast #20: Nothing But Good News

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The guys discuss the format change and Danny Elfman’s first publicly released track of Justice League. They have two vastly different choices for their One Awesome Thing. The guys talk about how people over-apologize for issues people take out of content like Riverdale’s star because people are dumb. Best Buy thinks you want to overpay for your iPhone X. Regal Theaters wants to try demand-based pricing. Meaning you want to pay more for Star Wars, while you will save money on films like The Snowman. Also, their thoughts on Amazon’s new creeper delivery service.

You will notice that some elements removed from the weekly Lazy Geeks Podcast are appearing in this show. Random Roundtable and our One Awesome Thing will now be featured in this show. A new category “Best or Worst of the Month” is designed for the guys to talk about these topics from the past month. Also, we want your thoughts on them. Leave them in the comments. Also, some listener feedback appears in this episode. Enjoy our new show guys!


Random Roundtable

Changing up the format

Listened to the first Danny Elfman track for Justice League


One Awesome Thing

Steven: The Godfather in 35 mm at The Vista Nov 10th. – Movie Club 35mm

Adam: Saudi Arabia Grants Robot Citizenship


Best and Worst of the Month

Riverdale Star Apologizes Because of Idiots

Best Buy Charging Extra $100 for iPhone X

Demand Based Ticket Pricing

Amazon’s New Delivery Service



“The Whip” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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