Justice League Movie Will Have Variant Comic Covers

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As we start pushing into October, you will notice promotional materials for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s long-awaited Justice League. Now, you would not expect this event to not have some special crossovers or variants in their comic line to promote both the movies and comics. The Nerdist has some special variant covers that will accompany some of their comics for the month of November.

The site has exclusives on a sneak peek of covers for both Action Comics #991 and Superman #35. The cover for Action Comics #991 will have Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman along with Ben Affleck’s Batman. They will be standing in front of the symbol of hope. However, while I respect Yanick Paquette’s artwork on many occasions, his Wonder Woman looks less like Gal Gadot and more like any cosplayer.


The cover for Superman #35 will feature Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Affleck’s Batman. The artwork for this cover is Renato Guedes and his Wonder Woman has similar looking issues. He has managed to take away all the uniqueness of Gadot and make her more like Jessica Chobot.


Action Comics #991 will hit shelves on November 8, while Superman #35 will drop on November 15. Movie adaptation covers usually don’t have a huge impact on collectors but it may do something for the kids. Oh, and it will help promoting the movie in case you forgot it was coming.