Justice League Official Trailer Released

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Since last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con released teaser footage, we have not seen a thing about the upcoming Justice League movie. With the film coming in November, you would have thought we would have had six trailers and a few behind-the-scenes features since there is only eight months until the film hits the screen. With Wonder Woman hitting theaters in less than three months, Zack Snyder thought it was time to feed the fandom.

Early on Saturday morning, Warner Bros. released the first trailer for the film. In this instance, we got to see more of Cyborg and Aquaman than we had in the teaser. As you can tell, there is more levity in the movie than there was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Before anyone online states hyperbole or rumor, this movie is going to make money. Just like with what happened with the original Avengers movie. This will be a huge film but it will be curious to see how much money it makes before Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters less than a month later.

The trailer itself looks great and the visuals are definitely heavy on the CG. The only major concern will be the story, which suffered a lot from the overly stuffed BvS, and edits that made the film a bit hard to follow. Nevertheless, it seems that Snyder may have learned from his previous outing to let the characters breath and let some levity in, to give DC fans the movie they deserve. I sure hope so because there is room for two major comic book movie franchises.

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