Justice League Will Have The Shortest Runtime

Earlier in the year, there were reports claiming that Zack Snyder’s installment of Justice League was closing in on over three hours. Back then, we tried to calm the internet down and state that we will not have a theatrical release of a comic book movie that long. Even Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was cut down to two and a half hours, much to its detriment. However, the longer director’s cut was actually a better movie.

Coincide with reports that Joss Whedon has been trimming down the film but cutting extra characters from the film. It seems that reports that Justice League is down to a healthy two hours and one minute. There is a distinct possibility that the longer version of the film could come out on the Blu-ray release early next year. Keep in mind, Joss Whedon did direct the longest Marvel movie up to that time with two and a half hours.

This will make Justice League the shortest DC movie to-date. It is two minutes shorter than Suicide Squad, which was not served with a longer cut. Snyder is known for filming more than he needs to. With all the extra cameos and fluff he shoots to build the universe, in the end, it’s about the story. You can shoot four hours but it two makes a better movie…

As the internet does, people will complain about the shorter run time. They will wonder what was left on the cutting room floor. However, there were some stylistic changes made between Snyder’s version compared to Whedon’s in the trailers. Maybe we will see that longer cut in the Blu-ray. Again, just because it’s longer does not make it better.

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