Justin Lin Returns to Direct Fast 9 and 10

After Fast & Furious 6, Justin Lin had decided that it was time to move on from the series that he brought around full circle. With the last two films, helmed by another director, it seems that Lin is coming back to the Furious fold. After all the rumored hate that has been flowing online, but Vin Diesel has decided to release some exciting news for you fans. That is if any of you still care.

In a Facebook post to his fan page, Diesel announced not only the return of Lin but that of Jordana Brewster.


If you remember, she rode off into the sunset with Paul Walker’s character at the end of the seventh film. Whether her character will play a pivotal role in the film, as her character had not since the fifth movie, remains unknown. Naturally, since his character remained alive at the end of the seventh movie, she would probably come back to visit.

The release of the ninth installment of this franchise was pushed back a year. It seems that Lin has been brought in to bring the series to a close. According to the report, Lin will be back to direct the ninth and tenth installment. Whether Universal will let this cash cow end remains to be seen, but that may be where the spinoffs kick in.

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