Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Released By Square Enix

One of the biggest cock teases in the gaming industry is the promise of Kingdom Hearts 3. It has been promised for so long that it is about to become a conspiracy theory or the hopes of ever seeing an Avatar sequel. Square Enix dropped a new trailer for the game during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour concert this weekend in Los Angeles.

The two-minute trailer, which was featured in a Japanese-language only version, shows off some action sequences from Sora, Goofy and Donald Duck. We, also, got some cutscenes featuring Maleficent, Hades and Pete plotting something fierce.

The trailer ends with the promise of another trailer for the game coming to Disney’s D23 Expo next month on July 15th.

Keep in mind that this is the four-year anniversary of the announcement of the game, which was made back in 2013. We have been waiting for four years to only get this much information. Later in the day, Square Enix released an English-subtitled version of the same trailer, which is placed above. Enjoy and continue praying for the day we get a release date.

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