L.A. Noire Will Cost More On Nintendo Switch

Last week, Rockstar announced that their PlayStation 3 release of L.A. Noire would be re-released for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. One of the biggest surprises is that Rockstar was going to release it for the Nintendo Switch. However, the game will cost you a bit more if you wish to purchase it for the Switch. About $10 more.

According to Polygon, it seems that the game will run you $49.99 for Nintendo’s latest console. However, for those of you picking it up for the PS4 or Xbox One, it will still run you $39.99. The additional price seems to be the cost of manufacturing the proprietary Switch game cards.

The article is pointing to the fact that the additional price would only be for the physical version of the game, but that is not confirmed. Given the pricing scheme of Nintendo, I do not see that being a possibility, while they still overcharge for digital copies of older games.

Simply raising the price for physical copies would be undermining the profit margin and forcing owners to opt for the digital version versus the physical. If there is a firm answer from Rockstar about this, we will let you know. The game is slated for its re-release on November 14th.

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