LastPass Doubles Its Cost For Premium Service

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If you are one of those people that have been either using the free or paid service of LastPass, then you may have received a rude awakening on Thursday. Engadget is reporting that the paid service for LastPass has doubled. The service, which originally cost you $12 a year, will be charging consumers $24 a year.

Free customers will no longer have the ability of some service like unlimited sharing and emergency access, which is now moving over to the LastPass Premium and Families subscribers.

Obviously, when you break it down to $2 a month, it doesn’t seem that bad. $1 a month sounded a lot better. However, the price increase comes after a year of LastPass security issues. Most recently, a bug that affected FireFox and Chrome browsers allowed passwords to be stolen.

Currently, with the new price increase, it seems that LastPass will be cheaper than some of its competitors. Dashlane will cost you $3 per month for its premium tier, while the individual plan for 1Password will cost you about the same.



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