The Lazy Geeks Network Has Some Holiday Offerings

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We hope you had a wonderful Christmas. If you are celebrating Hanukkah, we hope you guys are having a great time. As usual, we are taking this time off. So for the next two weeks, we will not be offering a new show, but we will return on January 9th. During this time off, we wanted to remind you that we have quite a few podcast offerings from the past month on our site for you.

The Lazy Geeks Podcast #242: So Over 2016

This episode is our last show of 2016. We discuss many of the stories that interested us during the last year, some of which does not touch on the geek realm. However, we did touch on some of the news of that previous week like Mario Run being the top game downloaded on iOS, Gotham City Sirens seems like it is going to be a thing, Dolby Atmos is, finally, coming to Xbox One, and a spin-off series of How I Met Your Father is moving forward.


The Away Team #27: The Netural Zone

Over a year and a half after we started this podcast, we reached the end of the first season. The end of the first season felt more like the rest of the season while a heavy-handed approach to how different the 24th Century is versus the 20th century. However, the subplot that was supposed to lead into season two was left unfinished. With that, the season ends on a whimper note.


The Cheap Seats #11: The Star Wars Holiday Special

If you have never seen the long-forgotten Star Wars Holiday Special, but don’t know if you have the patience to sit through it – we did it for you! You can listen to our recap and review of this horror movie that should have been released around Halloween, as opposed to Thanksgiving. Wanting to celebrate Life Day, Chewbacca tries to make it home to celebrate it with his wife, kid and father. Yeah, we didn’t know he had those either. Just so you know, it goes downhill from there. Check it out. If you dare.


The Away Team #28: Enterprise – These Are The Voyages

Since we knew we would be taking a break for the holidays, we opted to do a standalone episode to take a small break between season one and two of Star Trek: The Next Generation. So in that regard, we chose to recap Star Trek: Enterprise. The series finale was created with a link to the Next Generation, using an episode from its seventh season. It was an odd spectacle to witness, especially seeing Riker and Troi 10 years after the fact.

We hope you guys will check out these episodes while we are on break. We will be back with an all-new The Lazy Geeks Podcast on January 9th and later that week start the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. So, until then, have a wonderful holiday season. See you in 2017.