Lazy Geeks Podcast #103: Most Deranged Podcast Ever


With a giant-sized podcast this week, Steve and Adam get into the nitty gritty about many of the geeky things they normally tend to get into. The talk about Injustice: Gods Among Us and Steve gives his viewpoint on Marvel’s ‘Age of Ultron.’ Adam discussed getting the new HP All-In-One Touchscreen computer and getting back into EVE Online.

Some of the topics they hit on is Disney going balls deep with Star Wars, Flixster coming to Xbox, Crytek feels graphics dominate anything else, Robert Downey Jr. consider retiring from Iron Man, Time Warner updates iOS App and Sega Pluto prototype found.

As promised, there is a video that you all need to see to understand what we are talking about later in the show, if you haven’t already seen it, check it out. By the way, completely NSF.


Music: Kevin MacLeod

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