The Lazy Geeks Podcast #285: Natural Selection Tide Style

After another crazy week, SNL drops a great senior Alexa commercial and how did this Tide Pods challenge become a thing? The crazy stuff continues with Facebook trying to counter “fake news”, they are going to allow users to select the news they want to see. What is crazy about that is that is how the “fake news” thing started in the first place. YouTube is going to put humans in charge of monetizing content but changed the rules for smaller creators. Essentially, gearing YouTube to bigger creators thus pushing that get more views that got Paul Logan in trouble to begin with.

Aside from those, we cover some big news stories of the past week. No Snyder cut for Justice League, while James Cameron offers some who cares details on Avatar sequels. Activision CEO is stepping down, while Nintendo is doing some DIY stuff for the Switch. Dan Slott is leaving Amazing Spider-Man after a decade, and news on how Wolverine came back to life. Amazon Prime monthly subscription to go up and some other stuff.


Here are the links for this week:

Opening Topic:

SNL Commercial – Senior Alexa

Tide Pods – Why Is This A Thing?



Steven: No Snyder Cut of Justice League

Adam: Cameron Gives Update on Avatar



Steven: Activision CEO Stepping Down

Adam: Nintendo Unveils Labo, DIY Cardboard add-ons for the Switch



Steven: Dan Slott Leaving Amazing Spider-Man

Adam: Hunt for Wolverine #1 Reveals How Logan Returned to Life



Steven: Amazon Prime Monthly Subscription Increase

Adam: Hori’s Onyx Brings Xbox Controller Stylings to the PS4


Main Story:

Facebook News Feed Changes

YouTube Changes Their Monetization Policies


What the Actual Fuck! (WTAF):

Steven: Creative Way to Prank Cops

Adam: A little too much of the drink



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