The Lazy Geeks Podcast #286: Midgard Is Burning

All the guys want to do is watch porn in 4K. Apparently that is too much to ask for. The crazy prices of those graphic cards are ridiculous. They are mainly being bought up by those cryptocurrency miners that use them to hopefully make money. The downside is that they are constantly selling out and raising the prices of some standard cards over three times their normal value. In some instances, it would be cheaper to purchase a pre-built computer. Although, if you are looking to upgrade yours, you may want to consider waiting for this bubble to pop.

On the news end, Crazy Taxi is coming to Games with Gold in February and some people got Thor: Ragnarok early. Some additional info on that third Bill @ Ted movie. Doomsday Clock comic is no longer going to be monthly, while DC returns to promoting their new line on TV again. There is much more, and kick back on this Monday with our view of last week.


Here are the links for this week:

Opening Topic:

Crazy Taxi Coming to Games with Gold



Steven: Snafu Releases Thor: Ragnarok Early

Adam: Bill & Ted 3 Title and Plot Synopsis Revealed



Steven: Exclusives Will Arrive on GamePass

Adam: What Minecraft Means to Microsoft



Steven: Doomsday Clock Moves to Bi-Monthly

Adam: DC Comics Commercials Return to TV



Steven: 512GB microSD Card Coming

Adam: Google Gives Users More Control of the Ads They See


Main Story:

Don’t Buy a GPU Right Now

The Great GPU Crisis

Nvidia Wants to Put Gamers First


What the Actual Fuck! (WTAF):

Steven: How Not To Test An iPhone Battery

Adam: Calm Down Grandpa



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