The Lazy Geeks Podcast #288: It’s Been A Long Road


As we jump in Valentine’s Day week, the guys prepared a very special episode for all of you. Actually, The Lazy Geeks Podcast is the same as usual but the mention Valentine’s Day in it. Steven breaks the heart of many hopefuls but revealing that McDonald’s french fries won’t cure male baldness. Adam has created a new Dungeons & Dragons for his family to play.

They reveal that the guys behind Game of Thrones will be working on a new trilogy for the Star Wars universe, while famed character actor Reg E. Cathey passed. Yet, we will be able to see him one more time onscreen. PlayStation users can look forward to the next update, especially if you have a PS Pro but not a 4K TV. Board game company Mayfair is shutting down. A teaser is available for the new Wolverine podcast, while Brian Michael Bendis explains why he chose Superman over Batman. Adam gushes over the Tesla in space, while Hulu is moving some channels on their TV service to 60fps.

This week, Deadline had an exclusive as to what we should expect from Disney’s streaming service. The service does not seem like it will offer a lot, but calms the internet’s panic about existing properties. We have mentioned before that there is such a thing as contracts. Places like Marvel and Hulu will be keeping their Marvel properties for now. They will solely be working on original content and R-rated Disney programming will go to Hulu.


Here are the links for this week:

Opening Topic/Housekeeping/Follow-up Stories:

Sorry Fry Eaters



Steven: Games of Thrones Coming to Star Wars

Adam: Reg E Cathey Passes, Final Role in Luke Cage Filmed



Steven: PS4 firmware Update

Adam: Mayfair Games Shutting Down



Steven: Wolverine Podcast Gets Preview

Adam: Why Bendis Picked Superman over Batman



Steven: Hulu Streaming at 60fps

Adam: Tesla Roadster in Fucking Space!


Main Story:

Details on the Disney Streaming


What the Actual Fuck! (WTAF):

Steven: Country or Continent?

Adam: Trump and Kim Thrown out of Open Ceremony



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