The Lazy Geeks Podcast: March Madness (Bonus Episode)

The guys decided to cap off March with a list show of their top five retro gaming consoles and the five games they played with them. In honor of March Madness, or the end of it, they came up with this list show.



“There It Is”, “NewsSting”, “Rocket” – Kevin MacLeod (

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  1. hey guys, the only consoles i ever owned were the 2600 and the NES.
    i did however play the PS1 quite a bit as well.

    for NES, I gotta shout out Blaster Master.
    that game was the shit. getting out of the tank was my favorite thing
    because you were this tiny little guy running around. and when i say
    tiny i mean like 10 pixels.

    for the PS1, Twisted Metal 2.
    the police car was my joint because you could zoom past someone and just zap them,
    then do a 180, freeze them and light them up with missiles.
    and….you could blow up the Eiffel Tower then you could get to the roof tops of Paris.

    gotta shout out Tekken 3 as well.
    i spent so many hours memorizing combos and talking shit to my boys.

    Atari never got my heart with any games but i still respect it for what it is.

    great podcast, i enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

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