Lazy Geeks Rewind: The Lazy Geeks Podcast #2


The month of summer rewinds continues! This is the second Lazy Geeks Podcast that was done in October of 2010. The guys talk about some very interesting topics and the introduction of Adam’s first bit. It is funny so give it a chance. Here are some of the topics we discussed nearly five years ago:

AOL to buy out Yahoo – yawn!

When is the Zombie bubble going to burst? – they are making a movie so it’s close.

Move Over, Madden article from Sports Illustrated

Top Gun 2 – God, please don’t.

Michael Bay & Transformers 3 – Such a real run of bad luck.

Superman – General Zod a rumor. Superman will not focus on any one comic

We will be right back after this break.

Main Opinion Portion:

Wired article – The Web is dead. (Steve/Adam)

Texting Law – Not far enough and unenforceable. (Steve)

Dirty Politcs – Politicians really don’t get it. The smear campaign doesn’t work anymore.  (Steve)

Obama Calling Homosexuality Not A Choice. (Adam)

Reviews/Tech/Movie/TV News or Recommendations. Community. Law And Order UK (Apollo from BSG and Martha from Doctor Who). PS3 getting Netflix App.

Okay. We will be right back after this tiny break.

Third Portion:

Douchebags of the Week:

Steve’s Three

  1. woman arrested for making 911 call about crack cocaine.
  2. Band arrested for blocking the 101 freeway.

1.Woman stabs another in anger management class.

Adam’s Three

Douchebag of the week= The Obama Administration

Thieves in Chicken and Gorilla Suits Steal Bike

Bill O’Reilly

Epic Person of the week:


Spike TV – for making a trailer using Michael J. Fox for the Back to the Future reunion. (Steve)

Adam’s Epic Person of the Week.

Jo Garcia

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  1. i’ve been digging deep up in your wordpress archive during this september break and i think you guys should link it on your newer main page so that people can study your rich dualistic history and culture.

    bring back the skits?
    fuck yeah…two thumbs up my ass…no homo…woooooo-eeeeeee!

    gotta go, rape gangs almost here.

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