Lazy Ring of Death Podcast #24: The Machines Have Won

The guys are back with their monthly technology and gaming podcast. This month, the guys talk about all the versions of Windows 10 you can buy and Steven’s interaction with the Dregol browser hijack. Some other topics include Gears of War leakers get punished, Mortal Kombat does a fatality, you too and fly the Millennium Falcon, Microsoft and Pirates will not make nice, Apple tries to step up their GPS game and so much more.

Check it out and leave comments wherever you get the show. Those comments will help us build the show. Enjoy!


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Roundtable Topics

Windows 10 Edition

Dregol – browser hijack


Video Game News

Steven: Microsoft Punishes Gears of War Leakers

Adam: Mortal Kombat X Takes Number One Sales in April

Steven: Millennium Falcon Be Playable In Star Wars Battlefront

Adam: Oculus Development for Mac and Linux put on hold


Technology News:

Steven: Microsoft changes position on pirates of Windows

Adam: Apple Trying to Step their GPS Game up

Steven: Linked Starbucks Cards Getting Hacked

Adam: Internet is Almost Full, but it can be saved


Other info:

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