Mario Kart Coming To Smartphones

Prior to the Nintendo Switch’s release, Nintendo had a rough time staying relevant. After the blockbuster success of the Nintendo Wii, the company moved at an invulnerable pace. Then they launched the Wii U and it all went downhill from there. Nintendo believed that their future could be in mobile games. They may have scored with the announcement of a Mario Kart game coming to mobile devices.

I’ll wait for you to stop cheering. Done? Okay. Nintendo made the announcement on Wednesday via Twitter.


The app called Mario Kart Tour is set for release in the next financial year. That means anywhere between April of 2018 to March 2019. There are no actual details about the game, other than it’s happening.

Nintendo originally planned to have released five smartphone games by 2017, but only Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and the ill-fated Miitomo social app have made it out so far. Last year The Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo was working on a Legend of Zelda mobile title.



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