Marvel and DC Unite on Twitter Against Myopic Douchebags

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What is truly saddening about being a gamer or a comic fan is the inherent racism and sexism that you find from the fans. Not all of it is from the traditional fans that typically purchase comics and grant some cause for complaints are founded. Yet complaints regarding gender or race are not. Marvel editor Heather Antos found this out the hard by doing something in honor of another comic woman pioneer.

Longtime Marvel employee Flo Steinberg had passed away about a week ago. Antos, who credit include Deadpool and the Star Wars titles) tweeted a picture of herself and some co-workers enjoying milkshakes with the hashtag FabulousFlo in honor of their co-worker.

As the internet would have it, they responded with negative comments about the editor being a social justice warrior and that they were the “creepiest collection of stereotypical SJWs”. Keep in mind that this is the same group that believe the diversity issue is why Marvel comics sales are going down. One even said that “DC is looking better” because they don’t deal with real-world injustices.

If DC is looking better for those myopic readers, then the tweet they shared on Monday must have blew this person’s mind.

On Sunday, the hashtag #MakeMineMilkshake began to make the rounds on the internet. Marvel responded with an image from Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Young Avengers run with the milkshake hashtag.


Archie Comics even go into the support with a tweet showing a milkshake with three straws representing the three publishers and naturally their big three characters Archie, Betty and Veronica shaking a shake.

What most moronic readers that spread these sexist and racist attitudes forget that many of the comics use that platform to express against social and global injustice. Look at titles like The X-Men, Green Arrow, Luke Cage and the many that found issues to discuss in the pages of their respective titles. As one Twitter user said, “If you want a one-dimensional, predictable story with no depth or reflection of the issues of the real world, watch fucking Disney channel.”

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