Marvel Legacy #1 Review

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When Marvel Legacy was announced, it seemed to be more like Rebirth was to DC. Not a dramatic reboot of their continuity but more of a repositioning of their entire hero line-up. Jason Aaron, just off of his Star Wars and Darth Vader runs, took over the massive restart and did a great job overall. While Esad Ribic received artist credit, it was helped out by other artist and it showed. While Marvel Legacy is a one-shot, it sort of gave everyone a starting point to expect in the series that will follow after this issue.

For a long time, we are given the backstory over a mysterious voiceover that is setting the stage of things to come. This 50+ page one-shot has the narrative jumping back and forth between the past and present to what boils down to an over-reaching arc about the infinity stones. We start off with 1,000,000 BC Avengers with a witty repartee between the Phoenix and Odin, who seems to be having trouble lifting Mjonmir. However, he is flank by an ancient Ghost Rider, Sorcerer Supreme, Iron Fist and Black Panther. It sets up an enemy from the past that is about to disrupt the future.

There is a moment that has Iron Fist and Doctor Strange investigating an attempted breach at Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. They are unable to find out who the attempted intruder was but we discover that Norman Osborn had been attempting to gain access. This is interesting as this is the first time Osborne has been shown outside of the Spider-Man comic line. Does this mean his influence will be felt within the Marvel line?

The two-major battle set-pieces took place between The Avengers featuring The Might Thor, Sam Wilson’s Captain America and Ironheart and Starbrand having a showdown with Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider. What this is setting up will have a major impact on the titles that will be coming out around this. However, these are not the two biggest surprises.

The first surprise was revealed earlier last week as Wolverine returns from the dead. Stopping one of Loki’s henchmen and obtaining an infinity stone. The biggest surprise came with the return of Franklin and Valeria Richards. Last we saw of them was at the end of Secret Wars, leaving the universe with their parents. It would coincide with the conversation between Johnny Storm and Thing about being remembered. With the introduction of the children, will Sue and Reed be too far behind?

Overall, the comic was a good set up for what is to come in the coming months. All series are returning to their original numbering scheme. Returning of the old guard and resurrections of many dead characters. Marvel Legacy #1 seems to position the Marvel Universe in a positive start. Setting up the return of some major characters and possibly having their younger replacements remain. Like DC, Marvel has seemed to understand what the fans would like to have and made a course correction. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.