Marvel Plans To Get Back To Basics With Marvel’s Legacy

After all the controversy Marvel has been dealing with in recent years, it would appear they are getting back to basics. During the C2E2 “Next Big Thing” panel, it seems that Marvel will be rolling out Legacy after the events of “Secret Empire” concludes this summer. While the image below does show some of Marvel’s core characters, it seems that many of the characters they have killed off will be coming back with their new, younger counterparts.

According to IGN, the teaser image above shows Legacy bring back Tony Stark as Iron Man and Bruce Banner as Hulk, while Thor Odinson will apparently be welding Mjolnir. The art also shows the return of classic costumes for Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, Daredevil and Captain America.

Legacy will officially begin this fall with a 50-page, one-shot special called Marvel Legacy #1. This issue will reunite Thor: God of Thunder creative team Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic as the duo lay the groundwork for what’s to come in the Marvel Universe and chronicle the return of a major character. It would seem to fit more in line with DC Comics’ Rebirth that relaunched their titles last year.

“The Marvel Legacy initiative is a celebration of everything that makes Marvel the best in fiction and it’s a signifier of a new era for Marvel Comics,” said Quesada in Marvel’s press release. “It’s a loving look at the heart of Marvel as we embrace our roots and move enthusiastically forward with all the Marvel characters you know and love starring in the biggest, boldest, best Marvel stories. All of which kicks off with the giant Marvel Legacy special.”

Marvel Comics have been floundering story-wise and title-wise since the end of their “Secret Wars” event, which found them ditching all their core characters for new, younger version. This posed a problem for purists but it was quickly pushed to the anti-diversification side, which is not even close to remotely true.

All you have to do is look at DC’s legacy of characters and they have not changed due to diversity. Batman has always been Bruce Wayne. They have spun off different characters that are completely different heroes. Diana has always been Wonder Woman but Marvel has made many changes to their characters and not always for the better.

While people online like to think that the Marvel Universe cannot exist with more than one Spider-Man, even though it is doing so now. I think, like DC, you can have more than one character for all different readers. We can assume that Rogers will get his proper memories restored after the events in Secret Empire. There is no doubt in my mind but people like to latch on to topics of the day like Nazis and racists.


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