Marvel’s Ultimate Universe is Really Back

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Even though I had checked out of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, I was a bit bummed when they rid themselves of it. During Secret Wars, Marvel’s attempt at a soft reboot, which is currently happening again, all the multiverse were being destroyed and one universe remained. However, during the final issue of Spider-Men II, we find out that the Ultimate Universe has been reborn. Now the big question: did Brian Michael Bendis bring it back because he was leaving?

A Tumblr user as Bendis if its return had anything to do with his leaving Marvel for DC. Bendis answered that, once he made the decision, he looked at his final work for Marvel and was happy that it would stand up as one of his last statements on his time with the publisher. It would seem that he made a personal full circle as he started the Ultimate Universe back in 2001.

Bendis acknowledged that the return of the Ultimate Universe was a response to the fans who invested time and money in the characters’ stories for fifteen years, and now felt disappointed and deflated that it was gone. “I brought the ultimate universe back because so many people brought up to me that supporting it for all those years and now having it gone was just a bummer,” he wrote. “I agreed. Not for ego, Even though I’m sure there’s a little in there, but as a fan I agreed with the sentiment.”

Personally, I returned to comics at the time the Ultimate Universe was being launched. It was a parallel universe that allowed creators to re-tell origin stories but add a modern-day twist. However, it took a life of its own and killed off many old Marvel mainstays, created an evil Reed Richards, introduced Miles Morales, and eventually met its demise. It was a great universe.

Bendis will undoubtedly be making many more of those as he is currently working on his final issues for Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, and Invincible Iron Man. It will most likely be filled with more memorable moments for Marvel to continue on with and some emotional comics of the year.