Microsoft Will Support Game Gifting

Earlier today, we spoke about GameStop canceling their Power Pass service days before launch. This game rental service was designed to be gifted to friends and family. While that may be a bummer for some people, Microsoft has begun offering game gifting to all Xbox One users.

After testing earlier this year, Microsoft gamers will be able to gift games through the Microsoft Store. Users will allow friends to buy games for other regardless of region, according to The Verge. Unfortunately, while game gifting is supported, transferring an existing digital game to a friend is not. Essentially, you are not allowed to loan out digital games to friends.

Apparently, game gifting was a highly-requested feature by Xbox One fans. The Microsoft Xbox feedback site reports that nearly 5,000 votes over the past three years. While Steam offers game gifting, PlayStation 4 owners do not still have that luxury.

The only downside is that their feature will not arrive in time for the holidays. According to the report, it will be rolling out to Xbox Ones in the coming months, along with a new avatar system that should arrive on consoles early in 2018.