Microsoft’s Windows Store Has A Piracy Problem

Make whatever comments you want about Apple, but they know how to keep an eco-system. It is very hard to get any malware-based apps or illegal pirated content through the Apple quality control. Unfortunately for the other half of the market share, that is a problem that has been with Google Play for years. However, it seems that it is appearing on the Windows App Store.

TorrentFreak has noticed that many of the “top free” apps in the store promote “free movies.” Some of them include offering some of the latest movies like Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Mummy.

Not only that but it seems that a lot of these apps have slipped past quality control from Microsoft. This proves to be a major challenge to a company that is promoting legal services like Netflix, their own Microsoft Store and various others.

When I personally jumped onto the App Store to get a PDF reader for my Windows 10 desktop, I took a look and was surprised just how many apps featured watching free movies. What makes this a bitter pill to swallow is that, due to cross-platform, these apps are available on PC, mobile devices and Xbox. Meaning that these apps are out in the wild for any Microsoft device.

One disturbing topic that the site noticed that, after they downloaded the apps, they viewed high-quality pre-roll ads. That would, like in YouTube, Microsoft is factoring those ads into their Ad Monetization platform.

With Microsoft signing onto the anti-piracy agreement, it would seem that they have a bit of a PR problem. While Google has tried hard to get their “Wild West” app store under control, it would seem that Microsoft is having the same issue. Not only that, but how are they going to fix it?


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