Your Moment of Zen: Marvel Universe – Uptown Funk

We all know that Tuesdays suck. They suck because they come after Monday and you haven’t hit Wednesday yet. Meaning there are still three days left in the week. In an attempt to help you guys out, I found this lovely little mash-up from Marvel Studios gag reels and Uptown Funk.

After watching this video, not only will you have an earworm (you’re welcome in that case), but it makes working on a Marvel movie look like a lot of fun. It pulls in many of the main Marvel Universe movies, as well as some of the X-Men movies, Deadpool and a bit from Spider-Man.

If you had a letdown of a day, I like had, you will find this putting a smile on your face. Turn up the volume and give it a look. Thanks to Ak Editx for creating this gem over a year ago.

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