More iPhone 8 Devices Splitting

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Earlier last week, we reported some claims that the iPhone 8 Plus was bulging. Two reports from Japan and Taiwan, were claiming that the phone was splitting at the seams. As it was only two reports, many in the media played the reports as low-key. However, it seems that reports are coming in from various countries around the world about the same issue.

TechCrunch is reporting that is has gotten enough attention that Apple is looking into the issue. The site is reporting that CNET is reporting six different issues in give different countries that are splitting along the side on the iPhone 8.

Reuters is reporting that Chinese state media is reporting that an iPhone buyer purchased an iPhone 8 Plus and it arrive cracked open on October 5th. However, it seemed to have been bulging, similar to other reports. Now, the devices have not been exploding or catching fire. Although, if batteries are bulging, burtsing could happen.

TC believes that the iPhone 8 issue could be limited to the batteries. It is reported that the new iPhone 8 has a smaller battery than the prior iPhone 7. Given the low numbers of people purchasing the device at launch, could be the reason we have few incidents reported.

However, if the iPhone X is using the same battery and it begins bulging on that device – the news will make the rounds rather quickly. Especially, the price of the device is coming in at $1000. As the device has only been out for a couple of weeks, we will have to wait and see if more reports come in.