Movie Review: Geostorm

Geostorm was one of those films that kept getting shifted around the release schedule. Being the directorial debut of Dean Devlin, the movie was a manufactured version of The Day After Tomorrow. If you take the film for what it is worth, you could possibly have a good time with it. The film manages to have some highlights, mainly Andy Garcia and Ed Harris. Anytime you add either one of them in a movie, you will usually hold my attention. Aside from that factor, the movie makes no logical sense.

Gerard Butler has become the Arnold of this century. Normally, he is a Scottish man, but plays every traditional American alpha male role. Jake Lawson is the Americanized name that they gave his character. Another point of fact, all three leads were not played by Americans at all. Jim Sturgess plays Jake’s brother, Max. While Max is secretly dating an Secret Service agent played by Abbie Cornish. It reaches a point to ask, why are any of these people playing Americans to begin with?

The entire disaster premise is apparently humans have reach God-like status and can control the weather. Jake Lawson is the man that created and designed this orbital space station to keep the Earth safe. However, on the eve of the United States handing this station over to the international community, the station’s computer gets a virus and begins to unleash a “Geostorm”. The entire reason for this virus makes no logistical sense whatsoever.

Of course, you have Jake and a group of station workers trying to rid the system of the virus before the Earth is torn to shreds. That is the entire plot. There is nothing more straightforward than that. The film itself is very paint by numbers, up to the ‘we think the hero is going to die’ motif. There were rumors that Butler came to set not knowing his lines. The sad part is the more believable character in this movie. With the exception of Harris and Garcia, everyone else looked like they were sleepwalking through the film.

A little behind the scenes of the film. It was originally slated to be released in March 2016. Due to poor test audience reaction, the film was shelved to do some reshoots. The release date was shifted at Warner Bros. and filled in by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was then slated to be released in January 2017, but eventually landed on the October 20, 2017.


The film is filled with CGI disasters and lots of people running. Unfortunately, the CG is bad that it takes the fulfilling aspect of a disaster movie out completely. The characters are very one dimensional, but Gerard Butler is very satisfying as his one-note character. Garcia and Harris are highlights but not enough to carry this movie. This is a movie that should be watched on Netflix or some other streaming service. Save your money.

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