MoviePass Not Accepted In Certain AMC Locations

One of the worst kept secrets is that AMC Theaters never liked MoviePass. While people online can’t understand why they don’t like them, it seems that the first blow has finally come to Movie Pass users, especially if you live near tourist traps. The news has come so fast that even AMC’s own Twitter account wasn’t sure what happened.

Earlier today, MoviePass users were taking to Twitter as MoviePass was not being accepted at certain AMC locations. MoviePass answered the users question giving them the bad news. The more ironic thing about this is that a statement was never released to their users via email. This is a bad move for their users, who would not find out until they planned to use it.

Deadline released a statement by MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe that certain theaters will not, as of today, be covered by MoviePass:

“As of today, you’ll find a small handful of theaters are no longer available on our platform. Our number one goal as a company is to provide an accessible price-point for people to enjoy films the way they’re meant to be seen: on the big screen. Many exhibitors have been receptive to this mission, and we’re excited to keep working with theater chains that are closely aligned with our customer service values.

As we continue to strive for mutually-beneficial relationships with theaters, the list of theaters we work with is subject to change. We advise customers to always double check the MoviePass app for the most up-to-date list of participating theaters.”

The issue came as a surprise to AMC Guest Services Twitter account that had this to say when someone was angry about it.

It seems that some theaters, mostly theaters in high foot traffic areas like Empire 25 NYC and AMC Universal CityWalk. While scrolling though my locations on the app, it seems that none of my local theaters were impacted but that could change if AMC decides to get tougher with the company.

My bigger concern is the lack of transparency with their users over the change. Many times, frequent users would simply go to the theater that they normally go to, only to find that things have changed. An email from the company would have been nice to warn people. Even an email a couple of days ago to warn users of the impeding change. While no one can truly be surprised by AMC, but it is sad to see how MoviePass treats its consumer base.