Near Share is Microsoft’s Version of AirDrop

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Apple’s AirDrop feature always sounded good. However, since I only had one Apple device the feature was useless to me. However, Microsoft seems to be testing its own version of the feature. “Near Share” is the latest feature for Windows 10 that will be released on Wednesday. It is designed to make sharing a document or pictures easier between Windows 10 PCs nearby via Bluetooth.

A new Near Share option will be available in the notification center, according to The Verge. The feature can be accessed through the main share function in Windows 10. The files shared will be sent wirelessly, and recipients will receive a notification when someone is trying to send you that new meme. Microsoft’s addition of Near Share comes a day after Google revealed their own AirDrop-version app for Android.


For those of you that are actually using the Edge browser, you can silence tabs now. Also, coming in the update, you will be able to mute tabs that use autoplay videos like IGN or Bloomberg. Some sites that have ads playing but you can’t find them to silence them. So that should make like easier for Edge users. However, if you are using Chrome, you already have access to this feature.

Earlier, Microsoft changed the logo to their Windows Store to their Microsoft Store. Many wondered if that would allow them to offer many Microsoft products and software, instead of apps. It appears that is true. Microsoft Store will be allowing Windows 10 users to purchase Surface hardware. Microsoft is making moves to keep Microsoft a one-stop shop.