NeoGAF Goes Dark Amidst Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Since the fall of Harvey Weinstein, it seems that many people are being taken down by sexual assault allegations. However, since it took a piece from the New York Times to bring him down, it appears that people with less clout than him are finally getting the punishment they deserve. The gaming industry, which is known for Gamersgate, has had its first removal albeit a quiet one. NeoGAF, which has been the dominant video game discussion forum for more than a decade has gone silent for more than the past 24 hours.

According to Polygon, the trouble began to surface over the weekend. Late Saturday afternoon, allegations were made against the site owner, Tyler Malka, most people might know him as “Evilore”. In the Facebook post, the victim reported that Malka had been friends with the victim and tried to take advantage while she was drunk. She was afraid to come out because he was a “semi famous man” and that she “couldn’t afford to defend” herself.

After that, the posts on Twitter began to fly, including a post to the forum that called out the “really horrible behavior towards women while publicly decrying the same thing.”

By late Saturday night, nearly all of NeoGAF’s posts had reflected the controversy. Given that it is the internet you would expect the responses to be condemning Malka, some asking what was going on while others made jokes about the situation.

The site is, also, reporting that many commentators were offering “suicide posts,” in hopes of being banned. While NeoGAF is a public forum, it does have a strict moderation and registration requirement. They have been known to be heavy-handed about posts to even censoring posts. However, they are reporting that many of these moderators have quit.

According to USGamer, NeoGAF was said to be preparing a statement about the controversy and the reason for going offline, but none has been offered. The site was launched in 2006. It was a hub for video game discussion and even managed to break news in the gaming industry.

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