Netflix Hacker Releases Orange is the New Black Season

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Some of you may be too young to remember this, ask you parents, but people use to buy up domain names in hopes that some big company would want to purchase said domain and score a big payday. Not so much nowadays. It seems that people want to score a big payday by hacking upcoming episodes of television series and hope to score a big bonus to not release them. That is currently what is going on with Netflix’s Orange is the New Back.

According to Engadget, TheDarkOverlord has managed to hack into a studio that does lots of post-production work on some television series, which includes the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black, in hopes of scoring some money to not release the content online. Larson Studios appears to be the victim of the attack, according to

It was first believed that it was only the Netflix series but it seems that he could have more than 36 more titled. According to the site, TheDarkOverlord had said to have an agreement with Larson to pay him by the 31st of January. Since then, Larson Studios has stayed quiet about the issue and has not paid TheDarkOverlord anything.

With a high profile series like Orange is the New Black, they hoped that Netflix would pay to keep that upcoming season from appearing online. the hack himself claims to have uploaded what he claims to be the first episode of the new season. In a statement posted on GitHub and then re-posted on Pastebin, he explains why he uploaded the first episode online:

…. Armed with this information, we naturally approached Netflix and the others in an attempt to devise a mutually-beneficial arrangement where we are paid and Netflix and friends don’t wake up to find their hard work plastered on the internet. Our proposals went unanswered so our hands have been forced. We were quite offended by our targets’ responses (or lack thereof).

Here is the list of the 37 television shows and films that TheDarkOverlord claims to have:

A Midsummers Nightmare  – TV Movie
Above Suspicion  – Film
Bill Nye Saves The World  – TV Series
Breakthrough  – TV Series
Brockmire – TV Series
Bunkd – TV Series
Celebrity Apprentice (The Apprentice)  – TV Series
Food Fact or Fiction  – TV Series
Handsome  – Film
Hopefuls  – TV Series
Hum  – Short
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia  – TV Series
Jason Alexander Project  – TV Series
Liza Koshy Special  – YoutubeRed
Lucha Underground  – TV Series
Lucky Roll  – TV Series
Making History ) – TV Series
Man Seeking Woman  – TV Series
Max and Shred  – TV Series
Mega Park  – TV Series
NCIS Los Angeles  – TV Series
New Girl  – TV Series
Orange Is The New Black  – TV Series

Portlandia  – TV Series
Rebel In The Rye  – Film
Steve Harveys Funderdome  – TV Series
Story of God with Morgan Freeman  – TV Series
Superhuman  – TV Series
The Arrangement  – TV Series
The Catch  – TV Series
The Middle  – TV Series
The Stanley Dynamic  – TV Series
The Thundermans  – TV Series
Undeniable with Joe Buck  – TV Series
Win It All  – Film
X Company  – TV Series
XXX Return of Xander Cage – Film

There is a perfectly understandable reason why Netflix and various television studios have not paid the ransom – because they are going to be released anyways. It is a forgone conclusion that many of the people that watch such shows do not use the internet as rabid fans of series like Doctor Who or series that have a season long story arc.

As for the films involved, they will be seeking legal action and if they catch TheDarkOverlord in the near future, he will be forced to pay. Not to mention that any of the films mentioned in this list are not major Hollywood blockbusters, except for that Xander Cage movie that left theaters before the runtime of the movie was completed.

Many of the television series are about to wrap up their seasons now, had TheDarkOverlord acted back in February, it would have been a bigger deal. Many of these series will hit Netflix in May anyway, so the impact is contained. It would seem that the hacker was counting on the popularity of Orange is the New Black to be his big payday. However, the series is into its fifth season, so it has pretty much lost it appeal. Maybe next time.

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