Netflix HDR Streaming Supports Galaxy Note 8

In the past couple of years, smartphones have been creating displays that support HDR content. Last year, Samsung has begun supporting it on their high-end smartphones and televisions last year. Their Galaxy Note 7 (for its short lifespan) was the first smartphone device to support it. However, it looks like it will support that technology when it comes out next week.

Netflix has added the Note 8 to its list of HDR-supported devices. This marks the fourth phone to support Netflix HDR video playback, along with LG V30, as well as Sony’s Xperia XZ1 and XZ Premium. Now, keep in mind, for you to take advantage of this feature, you will need to be signed up for the top-tier 4K streaming plan.

This is something that Apple has over the competition. Due to different manufactures have various standards for HDR, which is currently running at five major formats. All of which include Dolby Vision, HDR10+ (which is a Samsung format they are working with Amazon). Currently, the Note 7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and the Note 8 all have HDR-capable displays.

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