Netflix Limits Numerous Downloads Per Title

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The greatest news for Netflix users last year heard was support for offline viewing. Amazon had offered this service for some time. Netflix, finally, allowed users a selection of movies and television shows that they could download onto their mobile device and view offline easing the reliance on their data keeping them under their caps. It was not perfect but it seems that you can only download certain content repeatedly for a certain amount of time.

Android Police has reported that a notification will appear to let you know that you have reached the threshold of how many times a particular item can be downloaded. Now, there is not an exact number as how many is the limit but it would seem to be reliant on the actual content creator.

This is one of the downsides for Netflix. Much of the content they provide is not owned by them. They lease their content and have to abide by the rules set forth by the providers. According to The Verge, they claim some offline content can expire in as little as 48 hours. Some content can be available for download yet you can receive an error message claiming they are not available in your area.

Looking to Netflix to fix this issue is like waiting for the federal government to fix the street lamp that is out on your street. That is not up to them but to your local government. “Due to studio limits, you may not be able to renew all titles. If you are unable to renew a title but would still like to watch it, you’ll need to connect to the internet to stream,” Netflix states this on their help page.

While Android Police are listing the error at around 4 or 5 times a year. Keep in mind, that Netflix has limits as to what it can allow offline as per the studios. Not only that, if you are downloading a movie four or five times within a year, maybe you should look to purchase the movie digitally and save it to your device.


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