New Apple Bug Won’t Let You Talk About Yourself

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Don’t you hate it when autocorrect changes what you mean to say into ‘ducking’? Well, if you are using any type of iOS device and running iOS 11.1, you may have a bigger issue when talking about yourself. Apple seems to want to get people to talk about other things rather than themselves. Reddit user TheCravin, according to The Verge, documented a bug that replaces “I” with a random letter like “A” followed by a Unicode. The bug seems to be affecting iMessage and other apps including Twitter and Instagram as well.

However, TheCravin did note that when you try copying the autocorrected text, it corrects the phrase back to “I”. It seems to be affecting devices including the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch that are running the iOS 11.1. My iPad is unaffected as I am using SwiftKey as my default browser. Although, various outlets are claiming that not every device is affected.


Apple is working on a fix and will not explain what went wrong. They did describe a workaround for people facing this issue. Is this bug is happening on your device and want to use the temporary fix?

The Fix:

Go to ‘Settings’ > tap ‘General’>Keyboard>tap ‘Text Replacement’

Touch the “+” symbol>phrase option type “I”> in Shortcut> type a lowercase “I”

Some people are not happy with the workaround. Mostly, because Apple users are used to being told not to think just do. This time, you have to do something. It does give more ammunition to the Apple meme of “You’re [insert verb] it wrong.”