Nintendo Looking Into A Virtual Console For GameCube Games In Switch

When Nintendo developed their Wii system, so many moons ago, they created a Virtual Console that allowed players to play classic NES and Sega games on their Wii consoles. Unfortunately, when they developed the Wii U, they did not have the Nintendo GameCube on the list of compatible games for the new (now failed) system. That may be changing.

French gaming site Melty, managed to sit down with Mr. Koizumi (designer of the Switch) and to Mr. Takahashi (General Manager of the development of the next Nintendo titles) and discuss the possible future of a GameCube virtual console coming to the Switch. Surprisingly, the answer was not a “no”.

We cannot really answer with precision because we have not announced anything about it at this time. What I can tell you is that we are working on things that go in that direction,” Koizumi said. Now, of course, that does not mean they will have it ready for launch, which is next month, but we may see it in the near future.

Now, with the analog trigger fingers on the old controller GameCube controllers, how would they use those triggers on the very minimized Switch JoyCons? “If one day we think of creating Joy Con Edition Gamecube, we will think of putting analog triggers. I can imagine a Gamecube Controller in Joycon, it might be a bit big and ugly no?”

You have to admit that he is right. It would be a bit ugly. Although, I think we can all forgive that fact when we will be able to play those awesome GameCube titles again. Most likely, we will be complaining about the controllers while we are playing with those games.




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