Nintendo To Re-Release The NES Classic Edition… Again

Let’s go through the way back machine and see about when Nintendo mentioned that they were releasing their NES Classic Edition. It was a short run and many people were burned by the “limited” release that Nintendo even stated that it was a small run and didn’t realize there would be so much demand for it. However, they stated that they would move on. Well, they did not.

On Tuesday, Nintendo announced that they will be bringing the NES Classic Edition back. It will not come back before the release of their SNES Classic Edition, which is scheduled for later this month. Nintendo, according to Polygon, will be releasing it next summer.

Would this repair all the damage they did last Holiday season? Most likely not. Given that Nintendo said they had learned from that experience and will not repeat it when pre-orders went live for the SNES Classic Edition. They did not make the same mistakes. They made all new ones.

While many people will be complaining about their relationship with Nintendo, it will be fair to say that this will sell out too. If Nintendo learned anything from this, they should have made so many millions and watch them sell out and not have to force a supply shortage. That sort of thing gets old quick.

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