Nintendo Says No to Sharing MicroSD Card for the Switch

While there are many people out there that rush to get anything technical out on launch day, there is always a good reason to wait. Since the Nintendo Switch has been released on Friday, there have been many stories in the media that show people not getting their shipments, hardware failure and the like. This is one of those stories, but it involves the pointless use of the microSD cards used on the consoles.

For a system that does not offer cloud storage for backups, it seems that the use of the microSD card is only to be used in the single Switch console. If you choose to switch it between consoles, you will be greeted with this message:


The microSD card is being used by another Nintendo Switch console or was used on this console before it was initialized.

Delete the Nintendo Switch data on the microSD card to use it on this console.

Save data, screenshots, and other data not related to Nintendo Switch won’t be deleted. You can remove the microSD card if you don’t want to use it on this console.


This is a curious omission from Nintendo, as to why you can only use this information on one console. God forbid that you may want to play your games on someone else’s console or even worse – you brick your console so now you can’t transfer all your game saves to your new console.

Maybe there is a future system update that will allow people to do that later. We can only hope. Although some of the issues that have come out since launch day regarding the new console will not inspire any faith in the console. Let’s see what happens in six months.


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