Nintendo Sued For Patent Infringment

Nintendo cannot seem to get a break. With success of the Nintendo Switch, they are immediately getting hit with a lawsuit that claims that their new console is too close to someone else product. Hardware developer Gamevice filed a lawsuit claiming that the Switch is too similar to its own product for which infringes on their patent.

The core of the complaint lies in Gamevice’s patent that is titled “Combination computing device and game controller with flexible bridge section. Basically, their patent consists of a computing device linked with a pair of connected controllers on each side of it. Sounds like many of the handhelds that Sony has made with that broad terminology.

Gamevice states that they have detailed how the Switch is infringing on its property and wants the court to halt production and sales of the devices, as well as award for damages. Mashable claims that there are some major differences between both devices, most notably that the Switch controllers are not connected by a “flexible bridge.”

It is unclear how much of a case they can make against Nintendo. However, California courts have always been good toward tech companies in regard to patent issues. Almost never forcing companies to halt production. We shall see how this plays out.

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