Old Man Hawkeye Mini-Series is Coming Next Year

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Hard to believe it has been nearly ten years since the comic world was introduced to Old Man Logan. Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven teamed up and created another character in that series, Old Man Hawkeye. However, he was blind, yet he still teamed up with Logan. He has not been heard of until now. In January 2018, writer Ethan Sacks and artist Marco Checchetto are bringing him back. Old Man Hawkeye mini-series is coming next year.

In an interview with The New York Daily News, Sacks explains that the story will take place five-years before the event in Old Man Logan. He still has his sight and he is out for revenge. In this story, villains are running the United States and most of the heroes are dead or in hiding. Hawkeye wishes to get revenge for his fallen comrades before he goes completely blind.

“In this story, he’s losing his vision and that sort of forces him to confront something really horrible that happened to him personally 45 years ago, and go on his own hero’s journey while he still can,” Sacks told the Daily News.

“Old Man Hawkeye is, on its own terms, an epic story,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said.

“Readers will gain insight into previously established characters, explore new corners of the Wasteland, meet new characters, and discover exciting Easter eggs all throughout Clint’s journey.”

No other word was given for the series but we will expect more teasing in the coming months. In the original Old Man Logan, Hawkeye married Peter Parker’s daughter and their daughter became an evil version of Spider-Woman. Maybe we can see some of that play itself out. Old Man Hawkeye is set on a monthly schedule starting in January of 2018. Definitely an add to your pull list.