Open Registration for San Diego Comic-Con Opens On April 8th

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Many people have been wondering, especially since early bird room reservations have been available for some time, now whether you will actually be able to attend the San Diego Comic-Con International will finally arrive. It was announced late Monday, or maybe you already received that email, you will be able to purchase tickets for this year’s event on April 8th.

Tickets will go on sale shortly after 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time on Saturday, April 8th. The Logic waiting room will be open at 8 AM for registration code authorization. Codes will be sent out at least 48 hours prior to Open Registration. Kee4p in mind that you (and anyone you are buying tickets for) will need to have a Member ID for the event.

“Comic-Con 2017 Open Registration is open to the general public and anyone who has not purchased or registered for the Comic-Con 2017 Preview Night option,” the site states on their blog. “If you were able to obtain a Preview Night badge during Returning Registration or professional registration, you are not eligible to participate in Open Registration.”

“To see if you are eligible to participate in Open Registration, log in to your Member ID account and select the “Registration Info” tab. Only Member IDs that were created prior to 6:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time on March 24, 2017 are eligible to participate.”

Prices for the event will cost you $45 for Preview night, $60 for Thursday, Friday or Saturday passes and $40 for Sunday pass. The passes usually sell out in record time, most commonly in 45 minutes, but if you wish to try your luck to get tickets – good luck. Let us know if you managed to get tickets and what your experience was like. We would love to know.


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