More Options Are Added For Custom Xbox One Controllers

Since the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft has always had a service that will allow you to design your own Xbox One controller. They are not cheap but given that they are about $10 to $15 dollars more than the stock version of the controllers, to have your own would be worth the price. During E3, the Xbox Design Lab has added some new design choices for your Xbox One controller.

According to Polygon, you can choose among four new color options for the body of the controller, 11 new thumbstick color, new metallic finishes for D-pads and triggers and add black rubberized grips. Naturally all of those added features will jack up the price but if you want that slick controller (because some people are like that), you will pay it.

The cost of the base controller that allows you to customize the color options of the body, back, bumpers, triggers, thumbsticks and button will run you $79.99. If you want to add metallic triggers will run you $4 extra. Want some metallic D-pads? That will be $3 extra and $6 for rubberized grip bumps. If you act before June 19th, you can get free engraving because… why not?

This is the rundown of the recently added options:

  • 4 new color options including Ink Blue, Mineral Blue, Sierra Brown and Desert Tan
  • 11 new thumbstick colors including Glacier Blue, Zest Orange, Retro Pink, Electric Green, Robot White, Lightning Yellow, Ash Gray, Ink Blue, Mineral Blue, Sierra Brown and Desert Tan
  • New metallic finishes for D-pads and triggers to add a premium look to your controller
  • Black rubberized grips for added comfort and control



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