Original Xbox Games Becoming Backwards Compatible

Backwards compatibility has been an issue for many longtime gamers. Even though there are some studies out there that say many gamers don’t use backwards compatibility, it comes down to the idea that if they choose to – they can. No one wants to be ever told they cannot have something. Microsoft has been making that happen with the Xbox 360 titles playable on the Xbox One. Now, they have gone a step further.

As you can see on the tweet from Microsoft’s Albert Penello, original Xbox games will be playable on the Xbox One. According to Polygon, not every game will work due to the fact that Microsoft has to add specific support for each game and the titles will be limited at first. Digital licenses will carry over as will the old discs.

Unlike Sony, who does not like backwards compatibility or cross-platform (which is a completely different conversation), Microsoft has changed their direction to off it with their Games With Gold that all free Xbox 360 titles are free to Xbox One users and playable on their Xbox One. Giving Xbox users another reason to hold onto their games.

Support for the original Xbox games will launch later this year and if you are a Xbox Insider, you will most likely get your first crack at it. It will be interesting to see what games will come out at launch but time to bust out your old Xbox games and place them back on the shelf. Xbox chief Phil Spencer promises that they will “look better and play better across the Xbox One family.”

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