Over 300 iPhone X Stolen Off A UPS Truck

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When someone approaches you and asks you if you want to purchase an iPhone X, just keep walking. Chance are that it could be one of 300+ iPhone X devices that were stolen off a UPS truck on Wednesday. According to local reports, three “husky” men wearing hoodies broke into a UPS truck parked outside an Apple Store in San Francisco.

The stolen devices worth about $370,000 was parked out in front of the Stonestown Galleria mall between 11:15 am and 11:30 am. According to the driver, he had locked the truck and made another delivery. It was during that time that the thieves broke into the truck and grabbed all 313 devices. They fled in a Dodge van and have yet to be caught.

“Given the dollar value in the incident itself it appears it was planned,” said SFPD Captain Rick Yick. Police believe that the thieves were tracking the truck and knew what they were looking for. The devices are selling for more than twice their value on online auction sites and probably more so on the street. UPS and Apple are working closely with lawsuit enforcement.

Unfortunately for the thieves, all the devices are cataloged with IMEI serial numbers. It’s that number on the side of the box. That is a singular identification number that every device has. Apple will most likely brick the stolen devices and will render them unusable. Unfortunately, people purchasing these devices will not know the difference.

Be careful when purchasing a device from an online auction or marketplace site. Not only that but from people wanting to offload one without a receipt. They will have your hard earned money and you are left with a bricked phone. Don’t even think about running to Apple, because you can be charged with purchasing a stolen device.

As for the people planning to pick up their iPhone X at the Stonestown Apple store, you are going to be okay. Apple will have their device ready for you. With the demand these phones are causing in the marketplace, this won’t be the last we will hear of these.